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Time for the Rain!

It is our first full week with the whole class, and along with our remaining additional furniture and book bags, has come the rain, although it has not matched the deluge of the ‘maboul’ (flood) described in the biblical story of Noah, which we read this week. In the Torah, Noah is described as being ‘Ish tzadik’, a righteous man, even though those around him did not always behave in moral or respectful ways.
The notion of developing moral character is something we take seriously. In our interactions with children, over whose turn it is to use the bike or why another child is upset, we are presented with regular opportunities to help our children explore what it means to have moral standards, and to uphold to them even when those around us may not be doing the same.
In the Zulu concept of Ubuntu ‘a person is a person because of other people’. This idea, that through our interactions with others we develop our character, is an essential part of our approach. At Alma Primary every child in our school is nurtured to develop their own, high moral standards of behaviour as part of a community of learners, in which we are each working to become a righteous person.
Shabbat shalom.
Marc Shoffren