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Mathematical understanding: making sense of number, data, measurement and shape

Maths learning at Alma is based on practical, fun filled activities that both challenge and inspire. We link mathematical learning to the real world by embedding mathematical ideas and concepts into the broader curriculum, as well as by applying knowledge and skills to real life problems and investigations. We use objectives from the national curriculum maths programme of study to organise learning and to assess children's progress.

Our strategies for developing mathematical thinking include Singapore Maths, an innovative and accessible approach which uses a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning, as well as Numicon and a range of digital resources. Through the use of imaginative strategies such as problem pictures we engage children's creativity and help to bring maths to life. We embed the notion of playing with numbers at the heart of our approach to teaching mathematical understanding.

In common with all learning at Alma Primary, teachers structure lessons to respond to the needs of students through scaffolding, differentiation and the systematic sequencing of content. Where appropriate children are given additional support through withdrawal groups to aid the development of their mathematical thinking.

By helping children to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts we aim to:

  • Create a positive and confident approach to maths, providing each pupil with the mathematical skills necessary for cross curricular learning
  • Enable children to understand that mathematics provides a powerful means of communication in spoken, written and diagrammatic form
  • Ensure that each child reaches a level which at least matches national expectations and in many cases exceeds them
  • Help each pupil gain confidence in their own abilities to use mathematical skills in their lives
  • Create an environment that is rich in numerical and exploratory opportunities, using multiple opportunities to engage children in mathematical thinking
  • Provide each pupil with an array of problem solving skills and opportunities to apply mathematical thinking through links with entrepreneurial and business links within the school community


If you would like any more information about our curriculum, please contact the school office.

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