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Annual Camping Trip 2017

Camping 2017 1 Camping 2017 3 Camping 2017 7
Camping 2017 9 Camping 2017 8 Camping 2017 6
Now, the stereotype goes that modern Jewish people aren’t particularly comfortable when confronted with non-wifi environments, aka “nature,” but to see the Alma families arriving at the campsite after school on Friday was like a time warp to what it must’ve been like back in the desert: the cold hard efficiency of practiced hands setting up for another night beneath the stars. Well, at least for the Israelis, and non-Reception parents. Cars were unpacked, instructions consulted, tents rose up, tents sagged, instructions were reconsulted, tents stayed up, mattresses inflated. Then, at the end, partners asked if there was anything that they could do to help.
With shelter taken care of, and the kosher BBQ readied to cross off Maslow’s other needs of food and spiritual fulfilment, parents mingled and visited with their neighbours, in order to scope out each other’s accommodations in a pique of tent envy. And all the while, children ran about with abandon, utterly free to explore, play and commune with the great outdoors, within eye sight, and suncream on.
For that's what it's all really about isn’t it? The children. Getting the children so tired that they’ll pass out as soon as possible and leave us alone so we can have a beer with our friends in peace. So we can spend the rest of the night waking up every two hours and falling over the tent’s guy ropes on our way to the toilet, aka “nature.” 
Saturday’s arrival brings me to my top camping tip: situate your tent near Yonatan Sasson. That guy can cook yo! His breakfast is so delicious it almost makes being woken up at 5am worth it. The morning’s treasure hunt was fun and gave the children the opportunity to be able to whine all over the campsite, but to be honest, I was somewhat distracted by that greatest of camping fears. The packing up of a wet tent. 
Having to re-erect the tent to dry, would break me, so I spent the majority of the day fixated on my weather app like a hawk. Then my phone battery went, so I had to look at the sky. Weighing up my children’s happiness against my sanity, I called it. Our tent came down faster than an IBS sufferer’s trousers, and when those first drops fell and our tent was safely in the car, I knew the relief of Andy Dufresne at the end of The Shawshank Redemption. Although I probably smelt worse. 
Reflecting in the side-mirrors reflection as we pulled away from the site, on our way to reembracing modernity at the drive-thru, I felt overwhelming gratitude to those who’d organised the camping and various activities, and awe and admiration for the true heroes of the occasion. Those staying until the Sunday.
By Josh Howie

YR2: Cinema and film clay sculptures

YR2 Clay 1 YR2 Clay 2
YR2 Clay 3 YR2 Clay 4

Year 2 chose 'Cinema & Film' as their Summer term topic. Because of this, they have been talking about their favourite film characters. They had an arty lesson learning clay skills to make sculptures of their favourite characters.


Magnet mayhem!

YR2 magnets YR2 Magnets 3 YR2 Magnets 2
 Year 2 have been learning about magnets in science! They had a carousel of 5 different activities - exploring materials, sorting metals, magnetic games, predicting the strength of the magnet based on it's size and moving magnets without touching them! It has been a really fun and learning packed time in year 2 science!

YR2: The Museum Of London Docklands

YR2 Docklands 4 YR2 Docklands 2 YR2 Docklands 1
On 15th June, Year 2 had a science trip to the Museum of London Docklands during which the children learnt about forces and motion and what makes boats move. They learnt that London is where it is because people wanted to be near the Thames  and that boats were first moved by rowing (paddles), then by sails (wind) and then eventually by engines. They learnt how boats used the wind to steer the sails before engines and had a go at this themselves. Afterwards, in the workshop, the children had a chance to get stuck in and practise moving boats along water using wind and energy from a tightened elastic band. This showed us how boats with propellers could reverse without turning all the way around. Year 2 had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a huge amount about the science of boats. They were brilliant representatives of Alma and were very enthusiastic and sensible around the museum, making us very proud.

2017: Maths Learning Week

Maths Parade 2017 3   Maths Parade 2017 6
Maths parade 2017   Maths Parade 2017 7
What an exciting week Alma Primary has had! The children had completely different problem solving investigations, created number fact information posters and completed some very challenging investigations! They worked so hard at home to create their incredible maths hats and it was wonderful to see such a colourful hat parade today! All the Alma staff made their very own maths hats too!

YR2: The Great Fire of London

YR2 Film

Year 2 set up a cinema to watch a live stream from the Museum of London all about the Great Fire of London! They were given a virtual tour of the museum's artefacts and  were able to ask questions live to the curators.


Sports Day 2017

Sports Day 2 SportsDay20171 Sports Day 2017 3
Alma Primary held their annual sports day in May at Queenswell School. It was a fun-filled morning that included dressing up activities, spacehopper jumping, traditional egg and spoon races, as well as others. The morning finished with impressive races from mums and dads, as well as some healthy competition with class running races. There were smiles on all faces, even through the rain at some points! A great morning was had by all.

YR2: 3D Shapes and Measuring Mayhem!

YR2 Maths mesure YR2 Maths measure 3 YR2 Maths measure 2
YR2 Maths measure 4 YR2 Maths measure 5 YR2 Maths measure 6
Year 2 have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes by exploring real life objects! What 3D shapes can you find at home? The children have also been leaarning to use a variety of measurements including litres and millilitres.
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