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YR2: The Museum Of London Docklands

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On 15th June, Year 2 had a science trip to the Museum of London Docklands during which the children learnt about forces and motion and what makes boats move. They learnt that London is where it is because people wanted to be near the Thames  and that boats were first moved by rowing (paddles), then by sails (wind) and then eventually by engines. They learnt how boats used the wind to steer the sails before engines and had a go at this themselves. Afterwards, in the workshop, the children had a chance to get stuck in and practise moving boats along water using wind and energy from a tightened elastic band. This showed us how boats with propellers could reverse without turning all the way around. Year 2 had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a huge amount about the science of boats. They were brilliant representatives of Alma and were very enthusiastic and sensible around the museum, making us very proud.
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