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Mystery Number: June 2016

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  We have been learning about inverse calculations and worked in pairs to find ‘the mystery number’ using calculators
to check our sums using the opposite calculation.

Dyes and Webs: June 2016

20 06 16 1ai 20 06 16 1aii 20 06 16 1aiii
We did an experiment where we learnt about how spiders catch their prey and don't get stuck
on their sticky webs themselves. We also predicted and then explored what happens when we put
paper towels into a water and food colouring mixture. When we put each end of the paper towel into
a different colour at the same time, the mixture travelled up each end of the paper towel and
mixed to create a new colour in the middle!   

Butterfly Life Cycle: June 2016

20 06 16rai
Reception were lucky to have a visit from a science teacher from Archer.
Mr Wick came to teach us all about the life cycle of a butterfly.

The children got the chance to look at a butterflies wing though a microscope.
The children then created the different parts of the life cycle using play dough.

It was so much fun to have a science teacher teach reception. 

Slime Experiments: June 2016

10 06 16oai 10 06 16oaii 10 06 16oaiii
Today, we created a dancing raisin experiment by putting raisins into lemonade and observing them "dance" as the Carbon Dioxide was released from the bottle. We then made slime, using PVA glue, water, liquid starch and food colouring before using our senses to describe what it felt, looked and smelt like! It was very messy! We also experimented by adding different food colourings to change the colour of the slime. We made our predictions together about what would happen when we mixed the different materials and discussed our observations.

Electricity: May 2016

20 05 16rai
The children were very lucky to have a parent visitor to teach them all about electricity and circuits.
They used a variety of different resources such as a bulb, wires, a battery,
a bulb and a buzzer to create an electrical circuit.
They were able to make both the bulb light up and the buzzer buzz.

Weighing Scales: May 2016

06 06 16tai 06 06 16taii 06 06 16taiii
06 06 16taiv 06 06 16taii 06 06 16tavi

We used weighing scales to measure the weight of objects around the classroom. We estimated how light

or heavy the object would be and then checked its weight on the scale.

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