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Weighing Scales: May 2016

06 06 16tai 06 06 16taii 06 06 16taiii
06 06 16taiv 06 06 16taii 06 06 16tavi

We used weighing scales to measure the weight of objects around the classroom. We estimated how light

or heavy the object would be and then checked its weight on the scale.


Number Lines: April 2016

 This week reception have been learning how to jump along a number line to count on.
The children created the number line using number tiles.
They then rolled the dice to see how many jumps along the number line they needed to do.
Then they jumped along the number line to find the answer.
The children really enjoyed making maths physical.
 15 04 16rai

SATs: April 2016

 08 04 162ci  08 04 163cii
We have been going through some maths SATs practise questions together in class
and looking at the mathematical language used in the word problems.  
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