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SATs: April 2016

 08 04 162ci  08 04 163cii
We have been going through some maths SATs practise questions together in class
and looking at the mathematical language used in the word problems.  

Bodybuilding: April 2016

 Reception have been learning how to make their bodies stronger. During PE the children were
practising throwing underarm to a partner while kneeling. Kneeling allowed the children to
strengthen their back muscles. Throwing underarm encourages strength in the shoulder muscles.
The children enjoyed throwing to their partner.

08 04 16rai

The Journey: March 2016

 01 04 16ai
Reception have been reading the story 'The Journey' by Neil Griffiths and Scott Mann.
The children used the story sack to retell the story and then created a map using the props.
The children drew a map and labelled it to represent the journey of the boat.

Journey Times: March 2016

09 03 16bi 
 Reception have been learning all about why knowing how to tell the time is important for
travelling on a journey. The children have been practicing how to tell the time to o'clock.

Artefacts: March 2016

09 03 1ai
 This week the children in reception were looking at artefacts that explorers would have used
in the past. Some of the objects were: a compass, a map, a magnifying glass and a telescope.
The children asked questions about each object. The telescope was 100 years old and made
in Ealing, West London. The children really enjoyed learning about objects from the past.
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