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Shape Castle: December 2015

09 12 15ri
 The children have been learning all about how to describe a 3D shape.
They created a castle with the shapes, and then described it using
the vocabulary: edges, vertices and faces.

3D Shapes: December 2015

This week in reception the children have been learning to name and describe 3D shapes. The children practised playing bingo with 3D shapes. They chose one child to be the bingo caller while the other children played the game. They really loved shouting BINGO when they won. 
 02 12 15

Chalk Puddles: November 2015

 Some children in reception have been learning to improve their hand grip and strength by using chalk to practice drawing different sized circles. The children then pretended that the circles were lots of puddles to splash in and jumped in all the splashy puddles.
27 11 15

Tate Britain: November 2015

18 11 15bi 18 11 15biii
Year 2 loved their school trip to the Tate Britain Museum. They spent
their time sketching their favourite sculpture and discussed whether
they were abstract or representational.Their behaviour was
immaculate and we loved having some of the parents spend the day
with us.

Sculptures: November 2015

 18 11 15ai  18 11 15aii
  Year 2 have worked so hard to create Henry Moore inspired sculptures.
Their sculptures represent important aspects of their families.
Have a look and see which sculptures you think are abstract
and which are representational.
 18 11 15aiii  18 11 15aiv

Types of Home: November 2015

 This week the children have been learning all about different homes. Such as; flats, bungalows, cottages, detached, semi-detached and terraced houses. The children then worked in groups to create their own homes using junk modelling. In this picture the children are busy working together to create their block of flats.
 18 11 15bR

Houses: November 2015

This term the children have been learning all about homes. The children decided to make a lego home during child initated learning time. They spent lots of time thinking about what type of house they should build and finally decided that they would build a detached house.
18 11 15


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