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Measurements: March 2016

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  Year 2 have been leaning how to make measurements. They've had some very creative ideas and
have been using unusual units such as pencils and feet.

Shape Pictures: February 2016

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Year 2 have been learning all about different shapes. This week they have been focusing on using a few
common 2D shapes to create more complicated polygons such as cats and houses.


Ships: February 2016

12 02 16bi
We had lots of fun making our role play area into a lovely ship. They children worked with the teachers to measure the cardboard. They counted how many rulers long that they needed. They used paint and sponges to create the sea for the ship. Then the children created their own silver coins out of tinfoil for the treasure chest. The children were proud of all their hard work.




The Mishkan: February 2016

 In our parashat shavua lesson with Morah Raya we learnt about parashat trauma,
when each of the Israelites were asked to donate 
something valuable for the mishkan,
the portable temple in the desert. We then reinacted the scene by pretending to
be important objects from the Mishkan such as the altar or the bread.

 12 02 16aii 

Healthy Eating: January 2016

This week we were lucky to have a parent come in to talk about healthy eating. Mrs Southern talked with the children about what a fruit is and what a vegetable is. She explained that when we are thinking about healthy eating we should try to eat all the different colours of the rainbow so we can get different vitamins. The children then had an opportunity to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. They thought about which ones were sour, salty or sweet.




Shape Castle: December 2015

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 The children have been learning all about how to describe a 3D shape.
They created a castle with the shapes, and then described it using
the vocabulary: edges, vertices and faces.
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