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Shape Pictures: February 2016

29 02 16av 29 02 16aiii 29 02 16ai
Year 2 have been learning all about different shapes. This week they have been focusing on using a few
common 2D shapes to create more complicated polygons such as cats and houses.


The Mishkan: February 2016

 In our parashat shavua lesson with Morah Raya we learnt about parashat trauma,
when each of the Israelites were asked to donate 
something valuable for the mishkan,
the portable temple in the desert. We then reinacted the scene by pretending to
be important objects from the Mishkan such as the altar or the bread.

 12 02 16aii 

Tate Britain: November 2015

18 11 15bi 18 11 15biii
Year 2 loved their school trip to the Tate Britain Museum. They spent
their time sketching their favourite sculpture and discussed whether
they were abstract or representational.Their behaviour was
immaculate and we loved having some of the parents spend the day
with us.

Sculptures: November 2015

 18 11 15ai  18 11 15aii
  Year 2 have worked so hard to create Henry Moore inspired sculptures.
Their sculptures represent important aspects of their families.
Have a look and see which sculptures you think are abstract
and which are representational.
 18 11 15aiii  18 11 15aiv

Biographies: October 2015

Year 2 have started their new Biography topic and have begun with asking questions. We were so lucky to have a visit from John Green, Miss Green's Father, who shared some of his life so far with us. We will be hearing more about his childhood, his school life and how him and his siblings grew up on rations. The children were so engaged and asked very interesting questions. Look out for their mind-blowing biographies. 

Shapes: October 2015

 shapes2  shapes1
 The children have made 2D regular shapes using straws. They have worked hard to make sure that each side of their 'regular' shape has straws of the same length.

Red Riding Hood: September 2015

 Little Red Riding Hood skipped into the classroom. Unfortunately, she was lost but the children asked her lots of questions to help her to find her way to Grandma's house. They were so helpful and really did make her feel so much better!

Dyes and Webs: June 2016

20 06 16 1ai 20 06 16 1aii 20 06 16 1aiii
We did an experiment where we learnt about how spiders catch their prey and don't get stuck
on their sticky webs themselves. We also predicted and then explored what happens when we put
paper towels into a water and food colouring mixture. When we put each end of the paper towel into
a different colour at the same time, the mixture travelled up each end of the paper towel and
mixed to create a new colour in the middle!   
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