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Water Aid: October 2015

  Today we had a visit from Elizabeth Sparrow from WaterAid. She spoke about how some people live without water in their homes and have to walk to find safe water.

Muslim Life in London: Summer 2016

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Last week we welcomed Rukhsana, who came in and spoke to all three classes about Islam. Rukhsana talked to us about the 5 pillars of faith in Islam:

1. Prayer-we touched prayer beads, prayer mat, the Kor'an and watched Rukhsana pray with her headcovering.

2. Fasting-in the Ramadan month.

3. Making Haj-this involves visiting a holy place in Saudi Arabia.

4. Giving to charity.

5. Belief in one God and Muhammad is his prophet-we saw Arabic writing and heard her make the declaration outloud.

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