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YR2: Dress and Identity

YR Police 2 YR2 Police 3

Year 2's new topic is Dress & Identity! To introduce the topic, we discussed our school uniforms and what their purpose is. On Friday, Police Officers PC David Morrow and PC Marge visited Year 2 to talk about why their uniform was so important and what it means to them. We even got to try on the different helmets! 




YR1: Learning In Depth Market

YR1 Market 1 YR1 Market 2

Year 1 held their own 'Learning in Depth' market where they had the opportunity to buy and sell items relating to each child's topic- from magnificent magnets to home made ants!




Sports Day 2017

Sports Day 2 SportsDay20171 Sports Day 2017 3
Alma Primary held their annual sports day in May at Queenswell School. It was a fun-filled morning that included dressing up activities, spacehopper jumping, traditional egg and spoon races, as well as others. The morning finished with impressive races from mums and dads, as well as some healthy competition with class running races. There were smiles on all faces, even through the rain at some points! A great morning was had by all.

Butterfly Life Cycle continued: June 2016

It's been so exciting to watch the caterpillars transform into butterflies. The children learnt all about the lifecycle of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and they enjoyed watching the butterflies emerge from the chrysalis. We were happy to release the butterflies into the wild but sad to say goodbye. Hopefully they will come back and visit us some time!

Butterfly Life Cycle: June 2016

20 06 16rai
Reception were lucky to have a visit from a science teacher from Archer.
Mr Wick came to teach us all about the life cycle of a butterfly.

The children got the chance to look at a butterflies wing though a microscope.
The children then created the different parts of the life cycle using play dough.

It was so much fun to have a science teacher teach reception. 

Electricity: May 2016

20 05 16rai
The children were very lucky to have a parent visitor to teach them all about electricity and circuits.
They used a variety of different resources such as a bulb, wires, a battery,
a bulb and a buzzer to create an electrical circuit.
They were able to make both the bulb light up and the buzzer buzz.

Number Lines: April 2016

 This week reception have been learning how to jump along a number line to count on.
The children created the number line using number tiles.
They then rolled the dice to see how many jumps along the number line they needed to do.
Then they jumped along the number line to find the answer.
The children really enjoyed making maths physical.
 15 04 16rai

Bodybuilding: April 2016

 Reception have been learning how to make their bodies stronger. During PE the children were
practising throwing underarm to a partner while kneeling. Kneeling allowed the children to
strengthen their back muscles. Throwing underarm encourages strength in the shoulder muscles.
The children enjoyed throwing to their partner.

08 04 16rai
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