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Inspection and Development

Development Planning and Self Evaluation
Each year we create a School Development Plan (SDP) which identifies the key objectives that we will be working on during the year. We evaluate our main achievements in our school Self Evaluation Form (SEF). We will be sharing a summary of our SDP and our SEF on our school website in the near future.

Inspection and External Evaluation
As a newly opened school Alma Primary has not yet had an Ofsted inspection. Since these normally take place from the fourth term of operation onwards, usually 18 months from the date of opening, we expect that our first inspection will take place on or after January 2015. When we receive a final version of our Ofsted report it will be made available here.
As a new school we are regularly visited by an Education Advisor from the Department for Education who meets with staff, governors and parents in order to assess the development of the school. We have also been visited by advisors from the Barnet Partnership for School Improvement, a school network which we are members of. We are satisfied from the feedback we have received that we are continuing to make good progress towards the achievement of our goals.

School Performance Tables
Since we currently just have Reception and Year 1 children, Alma Primary does not yet feature in the Department for Education's School Performance Tables.


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